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Art of Dental Finance and Management

Aug 18, 2021

Dentists often contemplate partnering with large group practices or Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) to maximize resources and grow. In this episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management podcastArt meets with David Lohmann, CEO of Apex Dental Partners, which owns 27 dental practices throughout Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. 
Art and David discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selling a dental practice to a group practice, as well as what dentists should consider when negotiating a transition. Here’s what you’ll learn more about: 
·         How much you’ll be required to work
·         How much control you’ll need to relinquish
·         Valuation of your dental practice
·         Equity offered
·         Method of compensation
Reach out to Art if you have any questions regarding dental finance and management for your dental practice. More information about the Eide Bailly dental team can be found at
Being more strategic in all aspects of your dental practice will lead to increased profitability.